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Canadia Criteria for installation over Under-Floor Heating

Timber flooring is a natural product and will react completely and only to the environment it is subjected to. If a timber floor is to live in harmony with under floor heating, a constant environment must be maintained.

Installation Criteria

  1. The maximum transfer temperature through the screed may not exceed 27°C. NB It is important to note a thinner timber floor will allow easier and more cost effective heat transfer. 16mm Easi Plank is the preferred option.
  2. The under-floor heating system should be a water-based system, not electric matting as they may develop extreme temperatures when covered up.
  3. If gluing down use only glue specified for use over under floor heating, If a liquid Damp Proof Membrane is not be used moisture content should be below 3%(MC) in the concrete.
  4. If floating, TUPLEX underlay must be used, the concrete moisture must be below 3% (MC) A more accurate moisture reading (higher) will be read if the heating system is off.
  5. Keeping a stable Relative Air Humidity (RH) is essential. A recommend RH of between 45% and 65 % should be maintained. It is recommended a wall hygrometer is used to insure this can be monitored. The combination of a low RH and an excessive temperature in the screed creates a non sustainable environment for a timber floor.
  6. The warm water tubing needs to be installed in a fine or medium distance pattern, not exceeding a distance between the tubes of 500 mm.
  7. To avoid damage to the sub-floor and the wooden floor make sure that the start-up protocol of the under-floor heating is followed and respected.
  8. The under-floor heating system has to be installed, in operation and fully tested for leaks and heat transfer before installation of the wooden floor takes place.
  9. Prior to the installation of the wooden floor the wood must be allowed to acclimatise in the building under normal living conditions (heating and ventilation) for a minimum of 7 days.
  10. Prior to the installation of the wooden floor the under-floor heating transfer temperature must be decreased to 14-16°C. After the glue has fully cured the heating can be turned up by 1°C per day to normal operation temperature.
  11. Canadia Strongly recommends using a qualified installer with experience of installation over Under-Floor heating Systems.

NB Canadia cannot be and is not responsible for:
The under floor heating system meeting the required criteria for use under timber flooring. The under floor heating system being installed as per manufacturers guidelines. The Canadia floor being installed as per recommended guidelines After installation of the timber floor, the strict above guidelines for heating use are adhered to.
June 1st 2010