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Pre-Fitting Checklist

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  1. Wood flooring should be left to acclimatise on site for at least 1 week before fitting.
  2. We recommend that you use a qualified flooring fitter to fit your floor.
  3. Use a moisture meter to ensure your site conditions i.e. subfloor, walls and flooring are within the specified recommendations (e.g. anything below 3.0% in a concrete subfloor is acceptable). Please revert to your store of purchase if in doubt about moisture conditions.
  4. You must lay a moisture barrier (We recommend Tuplex Underlay) over all concrete sub-floors.
  5. Expansion gaps must be left around the perimeter of your wood floor (approx. ¾” for a standard room). In large rooms expansion gaps may be required within the floor.
  6. It is vital that you read the specific fitting instructions for your floor type as different procedures pertain to each floor. If in doubt, please ask your store of purchase for a floor fitting guidelines leaflet.
  7. Before fitting your floor, please check with your fitter that you are completely satisfied with the floor type, grade and any colour variations or natural wood defects that may be inherent in your floor.

Please remember flooring cannot be replaced once fitted.
Canadia Distributors imports top quality wooden timber flooring. We will always stand over the quality of our product, however we cannot take responsibility for site conditions or the fitting of the product. This responsibility lies with the consumer. Please ensure that you are completely satisfied that everything has been checked before fitting commences.