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Maintenance Oil 1000ml White (933327)

Maintenance Oil 1000ml White (933327)

Product Code: 933327
Floor Type: Accessories / Maintenence
Finish: Natural Oiled Finish
Fitting Methods:
Pack Size: 1 SQy
Suitible for underfloor heating:Yes


Floor Service White Maintenance Oil - This is a professional oiled floor maintenance oil used to protect white oiled floors. It should be applied approximately every 12 months to oiled floors with normal usage. Where floors experience heavy usage, it can be applied up to 4 times per year, depending on traffic. Floors should be cleaned down prior to oiling with Floor Service Cleaner. To apply the oil, wipe on with a lint free cloth such as an old cotton tee shirt, along the grain in plank widths. wipe off any excess after approx 20 minutes and leave to dry for 56 to 12 hours before using the floor. Coverage is 50 sqm to 70 sqm per coat approx.

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